Pneumatic Industrial Friction Clutches

Read about the pneumatic industrial friction clutches made by MACH III, which are through-shaft, ball-bearing and pilot mounted, and available to buy from the UK-based Marshward.

This MACH III industrial friction clutch engages with air-pressure and when the air is exhausted it's spring-released. In response to air pressure the torque is linear.

MACH III's industrial friction clutches are designed for horizontal mounting. If you require vertical mounting for the product please consult an engineer for the options. The industrial friction clutch slides on the shaft and is fixed with set screws and a key that is supplied with the MACH III product. It can be mounted via through/mid-shaft or end shaft. While an anti-rotation arm is needed in order to prevent the air-housing from rotating.

The product is suitable for cycling and connect/disconnect applications. The maximum RPM varies by friction clutch model. Please click on the Download Brochure below or consult an engineer if your application exceeds the maximum RPMs that are listed.

For easy installation this industrial friction clutch is bored to suit up to the maximum shown (US & Metric sizes). For the same price it comes with either high or low or high coefficient friction-linings.

Please click on the brochure below for more in-depth technical specifications of these pneumatic friction clutches from MACH III.

You can also speak to Marshward for any questions about this product by calling +44 (01926) 815480 or write via email here: [email protected]

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