Pneumatic Brakes

Marshward supply pneumatic caliper brakes from the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment used in power transmission applications all over the world.

Eaton-Airflex - A leader in electrical products for power transmission equipment

Their DP pneumatic caliper has opposed pistons for balanced braking and is perfect for light-tensioning and stopping applications. Their DPA is suited for most high torque and high-energy stopping applications.

Re-Spa – The world-class manufacturer of pneumatic brakes and callipers used in a wide range of applications.

Their CX Series of pneumatic calliper is the ideal for applications with low or medium braking force or for emergency-brakes. Available in positive or negative versions, their small design means allows you to install more than one pneumatic caliper in order to reach the correct braking torque.

Their SA Series can be used for high braking torque that is perfect for emergency braking on a material-processing application using reels - also available in positive and negative versions.

To read more about the technical features of the above pneumatic caliper brakes click below where you can view the product and read a manufacturer brochure giving you all the calliper brake dimensions.

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Pneumatic Brakes Products